Danny A. Davis

Danny A DavisDanny has vast M&A integration experience, with recent deals ranging from the pre-deal integration planning on a 50,000 person company purchasing a 25,000 person company, a $6bn global deal where he ran the European side across 30 countries, 250 business units, 26 functions through to a small private equity set of deals where he helped the CEO and management team for 1 day a month on a set of very small deals. He is often brought in 6-12 months pre-deal to discuss M&A integration strategy, planning, capability, then runs alongside due diligence as deal lead for integration and delivers out the synergies.

Danny is a guest speaker at London Business School and at Imperial College on Emeritus Professor Sudi Sudarsanam’s course, was programme director of M&A at Henley business school, a Trustee on the Board of the Chartered Management Institute chairing the Marketing and Policy Committee, and current sits on their expert’s panel.

He has been published prolifically in business journals including CFO Europe, the British Computer Society, Developing HR Strategy, Henley Business School, Corporate Financier, the Treasurer and the Journal of Brand management.

His book, M&A Integration: how to do it, has been approved by CASS (Scott Moeller), Imperial College (Sudi Sudarsanam), Loyola & South Carolina (Darla Moore) business schools and put onto their reading list. The first chapter is given to students at London Business School, Insead, Vlerick, Fisher, Indiana (Kelly), and Cornell.

He has great war stories and is a hands on roll his sleeves up and get the work done sort of person.