Our projects range from leading M&A programmes for Fortune Global 500 clients down to one-off events such as training sessions, with everything in-between.  These engagements are delivered by one of our permanent team of Partners, working with a team made up of our Associates and Strategic Partners.

We have built a global network of over 200 experienced M&A professionals, which collectively cover everything from the beginning to the end of the transaction lifecycle, and have specialisms across industry sectors, business areas and common downstream integration activities.  Working with such a breadth and depth of resources allows us to customise project teams for each client with the most suitable consultants available locally or regionally.

Because we do not have a permanent headcount, we are far more flexible in finding the right resources for each project, and our costs are lower than traditional consulting firms.  DD Consulting is based in London, UK, but our network of Associates and Strategic Partners is global, and we work collaboratively together to deliver cross-border engagements.