Joint Venture Services

We can assist you in setting up a Joint-Venture(s) as a part of your international growth strategy. We cover your efforts to plan and execute seamlessly all or part of the following work steps:

  • Carve-out strategy
  • Integration strategy design
  • Synergy assessment
  • Integration program design
  • Carveout program design
  • Day 1-90 planning
  • Transitional services setup
  • JV readiness assessment
  • Carve-out program management
  • Post-launch assessment

In all these areas of work, we work with you to ensure that the JV can operate from Day1 with the assets contributed and transitional services provided from the founding parents. We focus on using and focusing the internal staff to achieve actual and sustainable results, not on reports. We set-up and monitor with you the relevant task forces, with the involvement of the required expertise you may require.