Carve out & Disposals

This includes developing a divestment strategy and overall deal design for any asset/business to be sold (including structure, one or two stages, confidential or public, competitive bidding or selected buyer, etc)   We can help in several areas :

  • Establishing whether vendor due diligence is required / desired and leading or supporting the preparation of vendor due diligence
  • Ensuring that the businesses are prepared for divestment
  • Establishing the structure, governance parameters and key documents for any partial sale or establishment of an incorporated or unincorporated joint venture
  • Bringing together all of the elements required to present the business for sale to a potential buyer and writing an Information Memorandum
  • Coaching and preparation of the leadership teams of businesses to be divested
  • Helping in the preparation and administration of Management Presentations to be given to potential buyers
  • Helping to set up the administration of data rooms (online and/or physical) for buyer due diligence and an effective Q&A process (including screening questions)
  • Helping to establish the minimum sales value and minimum acceptable commercial and legal terms for the sale quantifying and qualifying the transition services agreements (TSA’s)
  • Developing Day 1 (signing) and Day 90 objectives for the standalone organisation