Our Services

No two deals are ever the same – the market context, deal structure, objectives and level of integration or separation needed make each deal unique. This means the needs of each business involved will also vary each time a deal is executed. We listen to our clients to understand the services they want and need from external advisors, and demonstrate flexibility in our response to these requirements.

We can help you with everything relating to M&A programmes, from leading your global integration or separation on an interim basis to light-touch support for your programme on a part-time advisory basis. We run regular M&A training courses, but also provide bespoke in-house training and programme kick-offs. We can lead you through an in-house integration capability review and develop that with you, or we can perform programme reviews of major integrations.

We typically work in small experienced teams, collaborating intensively with executives and programme teams. Although we fulfil our clients’ requirements, we happily work alongside large consultancies and have developed an international network of M&A integration and separation specialists to support our clients across most countries. We are asked to work on one-off events, retainers and time and materials engagements.

Whatever the brief, DD Consultants bring with us:

  • M&A experience, key knowledge and skills learnt from numerous previous deals.
  • A library of tools, templates, checklists and methods which have been refined over years of engagements. We will share these with you, but more importantly, we will coach you on how best to apply them.
  • An outside and objective point of view, free from agenda, incentive or bias.
  • A history of delivering client engagements to the highest standards, on time and on budget.