Separation Services

How we make a difference

We work with you every step of the way
Whether you are acquiring a carved out entity, or you’re preparing a business unit to be sold.

We don’t tell you what to do
We work with you, and together we get our feet dirty and minimize disruption to the organisation.

We work with your advisers
On workstreams such as legal, tax, production and in any other area where you already have trusted support.

We have detailed carve-out knowledge
With customised project management. We chair meetings, manage people and emotions and we generally move things forward. We are familiar with international carve-out related issues around a host of workstreams.

Our Carve-out services

Strategic analysis

  • validating strategic assumptions
  • aligning the transaction rationale with the overall strategy

Opportunity analysis

  • identifying carve-out challenges such as sources of cash financial impact stranded costs resource requirements timeline needed
  • quantifying and qualifying the transition services agreements (TSA’s)
  • developing Day 1 (signing) and Day 90 objectives for the standalone organisation
  • identifying carve-out priorities and risks

Negotiation advice

  • ┬ákeeping bidders in the process
  • removing uncertainties
  • targeting corporate buyers, PE’s and MBO’s simultaneously

Transaction development

  • designing carve-out approach
  • developing high level contact with buyer
  • working out organisational structure and roles
  • fostering a standalone philosophy
  • developing change management plan
  • designing communication plan
  • drafting workstream charters
  • checking interdependencies
  • drafting preliminary milestones
  • managing mutual challenges
  • outlining implementation plans
  • preparing to preserve value
  • drafting monitoring process

Program execution

  • maintaining momentum
  • keeping teams mobilised
  • working out detailed integration planning
  • launching integration programs
    • meeting cadence
    • risks & issues resolution
    • budget tracking
    • goal monitoring
    • communication
  • moving off the TSA’s
  • capturing synergy identified earlier
  • removing stranded costs