Research: M&A Integration Speed

DD Consulting is engaged in research into M&A Integration Speed with Duncan AngwinDuncan Angwin


Professor Duncan Angwin
The Professor Sir Roland Smith Chair in Strategic Management

A Professor of Strategic Management and Head of the Centre for Strategy Practice Research at Lancaster University – UK, and associate of Said Business School – Oxford and University of Warwick – UK. He has also been visiting professor at other leading Australian, Chinese, European and US Universities.

His 8 years as a senior investment banker in corporate finance with banks such as Hambros Bank and Banque Paribas as well as extensive academic grounding with degrees from Cambridge University (M.A (Hons), M.Phil.), Cranfield University (MBA) and University of Warwick (PhD), place him at the intersection between theory and practice. This blend of practice and academic insight informs his consulting, teaching and research.


His research includes:
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions from India: motives and integration strategies of Indian acquirers
Opening M&A strategy to investors: predictors and outcomes of transparency during organizational transition
How communication approaches impact mergers and acquisitions outcomes
New integration strategies for post acquisition management
Why good things don’t happen: the micro-foundations of routines in the M&A process
Mergers and acquisitions
Post-acquisition integration: Angwin, D.N. 22/01/2015 In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Management. Wiley
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How does Investment Bank reputation influence M&A deal characteristics?: a conceptual model and research propositions
Voluntary disclosures as a form of impression management to reduce evaluative uncertainty during M&A
In search of growth: Angwin, D.N. 2014 In: The M&A collection. London : Bloomsbury ISBN: 9781472916686.
The effect of routine aggregations in post merger integration performance: whether to ‘combine’ or ‘superimpose’ for synergy gains
Sociocultural integration in mergers and acquisitions: unresolved paradoxes and directions for future research
Critical success factors through the Mergers and Acquisitions process: revealing pre- and post- M&A connections for improved performance
HRM practices throughout the mergers and acquisition (M&A) process: a study of domestic deals in the Nigerian banking industry
Acquiring poorly performing companies during economic recession: insights into post-acquisition management
Merger and acquisition typologies: a review In: The handbook of mergers and acquisitions.
The choice of insider or outsider top executives in acquired companies
Mergers and acquisitions
Introduction to the Special Issue. ‘Connectivity’ in merging organizations: beyond traditional cultural perspectives
Speed in M&A integration: the first 100 days
Agency or steward: The target CEO in a hostile takeover : can a condemned agent be redeemed?
Mergers and acquisitions across European borders: national perspectives on pre-acquisition due diligence and the use of professional advisers
Implementing successful post acquisition management
Strategic perspectives on European cross-border acquisitions: a view from top European executives