DD Consulting is active in both academic and business communities in promoting and contributing to the body of knowledge and best-practices around M&A. Working with several of the UK’s leading business schools, magazines and the business press, we are regularly published or asked to contribute to the work of others. Please see below some of our thoughts, ideas and best-practice. To download PDF renditions, where available, please click on the icons on the left.

Henley Business School – M&A Integration – Plan for Success – Danny A. Davis (pdf) (HTML)
This point of view from Danny A Davis, published by Henley Business School, links the deal strategy through to the integration, following up the planning, evaluation and delivery phases of the M&A integration process. It provides a brief checklist and tells readers what to expect in their deal.

How to Restructure the Finance Function (pdf) (HTML)
Finance Director Europe Magazine
In this article, Danny A Davis and Stephen Dawes look at how to manage the Finance function during and after an integration. They advise the FD to start with the basics, gain control of the cash and bank accounts, then move on to the information and reporting. After that the FD can start to plan the future operating model, which needs careful planning, especially if they are delivering complex deals across businesses and countries.

Role of HR in M&A Integration (pdf) (HTML)
Developing HR Strategy magazine
Danny A Davis and Sven Ringling write about both the contributions and dangers of the HR aspects of integrations. They argue that the “soft” factors such as culture and communication can erode the value of a deal, and provide advice on the prioritisation of HR activities following the announcement of an acquisition.

Shaping the Future Business (pdf) (HTML)
Finance Director Europe Magazine
The FD is a critical player in any M&A project, from the initial investment stage right through the integration process. Danny A Davis and Stephen Dawes look at how the FD helps to shape the strategy for the future business during the integration process.

M&A Integration: Take the Long View (pdf) (HTML)
CIMA Excellence for Leadership magazine
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) interviewed Danny A Davis and his views on M&A and integration success factors. Danny’s overarching recommendation is that planning integrations early will lead to greater levels of integration and more successful delivery of predicted synergies.

M&A: The Reasons for Change (pdf) (HTML)
Twenty:10 – Enhance your IT strategy
In this annual British Computer Society book of the best articles of the year, Danny A Davis presents a discussion about the opportunity for change brought about by a large M&A deal, leading very rapidly to a pressure to change, given the rapid need for data and information gathering, to enable business decision making and the start of the integration process.

IT M&A Integration Part 1 (pdf) (HTML)
British Computer Society magazine
IT can be one of the last to be told about a prospective deal on the table, but needs to be one of the first to have an integration plan. In the first of a series of articles for the BCS, Danny A Davis looks at the preparation required within IT in the run up to Day 1.

IT M&A Integration Part 2 (pdf) (HTML)
British Computer Society magazine
In the second article for the BCS, Danny A Davis writes about the readiness of IT to start integration. Do you have the right assessment tools? What is the state of IT within the company you have just bought? We will need to understand our company and then fully understand the systems, data and other issues around IT in the company we have just purchased. Only then can we plan and move forward.

Non-Profit Mergers (pdf) (HTML)
The National Charity for Trustee magazine
Are mergers in the Charity / Not-for-profit sector any different to those taking place in companies? The fundamental answer, no, hides a multitude of complexity. Using his recent experience on the Board of a merging charity, Danny A Davis provides some advice to trustees.

Branding in M&A
The Journal of Brand Management
This academics research carried out by Professor Deli Yang and Danny A.Davis looks into the various options on strategic branding within M&A.

How should we best integrate new and diverse parts of the business? (HTML)
Article published in editions Financial, where Danny A.Davis discusses integration

AxialMarket interviews Danny A.Davis on the important steps in M&A integration Park 1 (HTML)
AxialMarket interviews Danny A.Davis on the important steps in M&A integration Park 2 (HTML)
To help us understand how to avoid failed integrations, we spoke with Danny A. Davis, one of the most respected integration specialists in the Europe. Davis is the founder of DD Consulting and recent author of M&A Integration – How to do it from Wiley.

Business and Economy interview (HTML)
Business & Economy interview Danny A.Davis on the state of M&A.

Sales Force Integration Danny A. Davis (pdf) (HTML)
Danny is interviewed on the integration of the sales force and creates the important discussion around customer, customer management and increasing revenue from the deal.

Business Reporter interviews Danny A  Davis (HTML)
Danny A Davis is interviewed by Joanne Frearson for Business Reporter.  M&A integration on a large deal.

NHS Improvement web site: How to improve mergers (pdf) (HTML)
Danny A.Davis’s work has been referenced 31 times in the CASS Business School and NHS Improvement paper, explaining how to improve mergers in the NHS.

Post-Merger Integration Articles written for Intralinks (HTML)
Danny A.Davis’s wrote three M&A integration articles for Intralinks

A round table report from a DD Consulting event on M&A Integration Playbooks, containing thoughts from the participants and pages from the DD Consulting Methodology

Key M&A Integration Questions (HTML)
A long list of high level questions you may want to think about.  Using this should enable you to plan most of your merger.

M&A Integration Killer Insights (HTML)
All the thing you need to know when it comes to delivering your merger.  These are also all covered in Danny A.Davis’s Training.

M&A Integration Checklist or M&A Integration Detailed Checklist
A high level check list with all the large chunks of work you need to take a look at, also a more detailed checklist taking a deeper dive.