M&A Integration

Acquisition Integration

Merger, acquisition and joint venture integrations are often the most complex, sensitive and risky programmes that an organisation will undertake. In addition to this, the timescales are tight and inflexible, resources may be unmotivated and few people have the experience of this non business-as-usual process. For this reason, historically, most integrations have failed to achieve their stated objectives, whether that was synergy capture, value creation or other goals.

DD Consulting is working, one deal at a time, to reverse this. We believe that there is no secret to success, other than clear and agreed objectives, detailed and early planning, robust programme management, executive sponsorship and attention and the experience of having done it before. As specialists in this area, we only do M&A programmes, so we bring with us a wealth of knowledge and experience at having seen almost every different situation and variation.

We can support you through the entire integration programme, from start to finish. We work collaboratively with your business teams, who are the experts in how your business works, to setup and execute a well-managed integration programme. We can guide you through the process, provide the tools and processes to stay in control of the integration and use our experience to help you manage risks and issues in a prioritised way.



Flexible Integration Support

We work with clients on some of the largest deals, but we also know that not all clients want or need full-time dedicated programme support. DD Consulting offers flexible integration or separation support, where one or two Partners or Associates work with you on a part-time or ad hoc basis to prepare for, and manage, your programme. This may be useful for organisations that have smaller deals, less integration work to do, in-house resources that just require some additional M&A expertise or those programmes that are cost-constrained.

Typically our consultant would work with you to plan the overall integration, provide training to key staff on the M&A process and important tools and templates that will help them. Then, we often facilitate the programme kick-off and stay involved on a part-time basis, for example at Steering Committee meetings, work stream updates, etc. The Integration Lead may like to have regular or ad hoc meetings with us throughout as well.

By staying close enough to the programme to monitor it, we can improve the efficiency of the integration and mitigate risks by using our experience to see them coming. If at any point you feel that you need more support from us then we can always do so.



M&A Work streams and Projects

Whilst we have the resources and experience to support you across your integration and separation programmes, we are happy to support you with specific areas of your programme.

On larger programmes, we are sometimes asked to manage specific work streams that have extraordinary requirements, resource constraints or other complexities. Typical business areas that may require support include HR, IT, Finance, Communications, Culture, Sales & Marketing, Facilities, Supply Chain or Research & Development.

You may also have other specific integration or separation projects that require a little more support, such as synergy capture, value creation initiatives (revenue enhancement), or even more specific skillsets such as retail branch rationalisation or Anglo-Chinese cultural relations.

Between our Partners and our global network of associates, we have both broad and deep experiences, and welcome the opportunity to help you with all M&A-related projects.