Integration Director Coaching for M&A Integration

“Very practical, very useful, this helps me to focus on the right things. I have been focusing on the admin, and you have refocused me. Thank you.”     Integration Director

M&A Integration Coaching for the Integration Leader: Leading an integration is one of the toughest roles you have never been trained for. Based on our experience we will help you rise above the detail without losing control.  Taking on a deal and delivering it successfully is tough. The multiple stakeholder expectations are extremely challenging, and it often seems like there is nowhere to go for support.

We leverage our front line M&A experience and coaching expertise to help leaders plan, mobiles and deliver deals, changes, and synergies. We coach 1:1 and in teams, bring laser like focus to the actions which can move the dial.  This isn’t “soft and fluffy” – it’s about support and challenge, grounded firmly in a methodology, check-list, planning and tracking tools, governance structure, lessons learnt and real deal experience.

“You put your finger on the big points.  I need to ensure I am not losing focus.  I need to assure that the line is doing more and I need to find a way to see that the line is focused on the core too.”     Deal Project Leader

How it works: Try it and see if it is for you, before you pay.  The first two sessions will only be paid for after ten have been completed, you can cancel after the first two if you’re not happy.

Who it is for: Anyone dealing with M&A Integration.

Coaching setting: Can be done in a live setting, over telephone, or as a team event.

Some questions we have covered during coaching sessions:

How can you get the most value out of your deal?  What are the stages of a successful integration?  How do you achieve the announced synergies?  How do you estimate the costs?  When do you start planning the programme?  Who needs to be involved in the integration, and when?  What tools and techniques do we use for structuring integration planning, delivery and tracking?  How should you balance the programme against business as usual?  What lessons have we learnt about avoiding the pitfalls? How to we maintain morale?  How can we restructure but keep talent? How do we ensure performance is not affected?  What effect does culture have?  How to engage our team and step up strategic contribution.

 Give us a call and set up a coaching session.