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Danny Davis has written a definitive guide to M&A integration, based on his experience over the last 20 years  :

M&A Integration: How to do it – Planning and Delivering M&A Integration for Business Success

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The book has been approved by CASS (Scott Moeller), Imperial College (Sudi Sudarsanam), Loyola & South Carolina (Darla Moore) business schools and put onto their reading list.  The first chapter is given to students at London Business School,  Insead,  Vlerick,  Fisher, Indiana (Kelly), and Cornell. Senior business executives have also given great feedback – some of which is shown below.

First chapter of the book




DD Consulting is active in both academic and business communities in promoting and contributing to the body of knowledge and best-practices around M&A. Working with several of the UK’s leading business schools, magazines and the business press, we are regularly published or asked to contribute to the work of others. Please see below some of our thoughts, ideas and best-practice.

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We run a series of dinners on a quarterly basis at which there is a presentation on a topic of direct relevance to M&A practitioners,  followed by a round table discussion.

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