M&A Integration Book: How To Do It

M&A Integration: How To Do It – Planning and Delivering M&A Integration for Business SuccessM&A Integration book

Our new book easily found on Amazon Click Here. Has been approved by CASS (Scott Moeller), Imperial College (Sudi Sudarsanam), Loyola & South Carolina (Darla Moore) business schools and put onto their reading list. The first chapter is given to students at London Business School, Insead, Vlerick, Fisher, Indiana (Kelly), and Cornell. Senior business executives have also given great feedback, and people doing their first deal using it as a the M&A bible.  Click here to download the first chapter of the book


People who read the book:

“An outstanding book for anyone involved in mergers and acquisitions. If you are in going to buy a company, you should read it.” Jeffrey A. Krug, Professor of Strategic Management and Jack & Vada Reynolds Chair in International Business, Loyola University New Orleans

This book gives a good introduction and comprehensive overview to the topic “M&A / PMI” . Every company has to find its own approach and requirements but Danny Davis provides a pragmatic and practice orientated guide” Bernhard Falk, Head of Practice Group PMI Excellence, BASF

“Davis is the maestro of M&A, I am doing a post-merger integration for the first time and Davis’s book walk you right down the path of what to expect. His clipped, no monkey-business writing style bring humor and clarity to a topic that could be cold. Nice work.” Brent Peterson, HR Director, Preanalytical Systems Division, Becton Dickinson

“Every M&A expert recognizes that implementing a well thought out post-merger integration plan is the key to value creation. Davis draws on his extensive experience to provide a useful roadmap of issues to consider. This book will help managers face the complexities of post-merger integration with confidence and insight.” Phanish Puranam, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

“I think this is one of the most comprehensive and straightforward guides to M&A’s that I have read. It demystifies a lot of the consultant speak and is pitched at the right level for managers and leaders who are most likely to face the M&A challenge..” Richard Beaven, Customer Service Director, Insurance Division, Lloyds Banking Group

“The right balance of an academic foundation and the tinge of pragmatism that’s needed to make it a tool/guideline people will work with.” Andreas Joehle, CEO, Paul Hartmann AG

“It is easy reading for those who are new in the M&A business, as well as it is of additive value for already experienced professionals. Once the reading is commenced, knowledge enhancement does not end when having studied each chapter. It continues when revisiting the chapters where appropriate for the M&A project. M&A Leaders should have it at hand at every stage of the transaction. This book is a must for everyone in charge for M&A transactions!” Oliver Becker, Vice President, Head of Task Force, Dresdner Bank Luxembourg S.A.

“Organisations seem to do better at acquisitions if they learn lessons from their own deals or from the experience of others. Danny’s book combines a well thought out process for planning an integration with numerous lessons from his own experience. Easy to read and useful if you are new to integration or a quick reference for your next project” Mark Leonard, Global Head of M&A Integration, The Weir Group PLC

“I enjoyed reading this book. It combines the soundness of its conclusions with the relevance of its examples. It is rare to find such a combination!” Jay Anand, Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Corporate & Global Strategy, Fisher College of Business

“Acquisitions typically fail not because of price or strategic design, but in implementation in the post-deal integration period. Contrary to the view of many who claim all deals are unique, there ARE best practices that can guide executives and integration teams in any deal. With this book, Danny Davis has used his extensive experience in this area to provide not just a superb set of recommendations but also a helpful discussion of the issues a company faces when merging or acquiring.” Professor Scott Moeller, Director, M&A Research Centre, Cass Business School

“Under pressure to move at speed, many M&A integrators could make the mistake of jumping into ‘doing’ quickly before taking the time to first plan wisely. The integration of businesses is a complex task with high levels of risk attached. This book provides some very useful frameworks for integrators who want to ensure that the important step of ‘plan wisely’ is robustly carried out thus helping to significantly improve the odds in favour of a successful integration.” Siva Shankar, Integration Director, Keepmoat Group

“Danny’s book on “M&A integration” is especially valuable since it argues from a consultant’s risk perspective on complex and highly dynamic integration projects: How to ensure robust project management, sufficient resources and a strategic link to the business case in all work streams. In his book Danny provides many insightful examples on how do it right in terms of an integrated and business-oriented project approach.” Christoph Rohloff, Partner, frankfurter gruppe, Corporate development, Germany

“I teach International M&A and have recommended the text to Professional MBA students that are involved in the Integration Process. It is a great source for the how to accomplish this important aspect successfully.” Frank Rydzewski, Clinical Professor at the University of South Carolina

“We bought 2 copies. One for Madrid kept, and one for the library in our France office. I liked it because it is easier to read than other books on the same subject, and easy to use it as a reference book too, as it is well organized.” Agustin Diaz-Sanchez, Associate Director Corporate Strategy, M&A department at Amadeus

“If you are planning or executing an M&A process, read Danny Davis’ book on M&A Integration. It will help you to plan effectively, avoid costly pitfalls and, ultimately, increase the probability of success.” Marc Gomer, MD, Corporate finance (craton partners)