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Key learning points: sales, productivity dip, business continuity

July 2021

Key M&A integration learning points from my speech at London Business School

June 2021

What types of M&A and M&A integration are there?

May 2021

Should I standardise or cheery pick from our companies?

April 2021

How far should I integrate the companies I buy?

March 2021

Our Books

M&A Integration: How To Do It – Planning and Delivering M&A Integration for Business Success

Our book easily found on Amazon Click Here. Has been approved by CASS (Scott Moeller), Imperial College (Sudi Sudarsanam), Loyola & South Carolina (Darla Moore) business schools and put onto their reading list. The first chapter is given to students at London Business School, Insead, Vlerick, Fisher, Indiana (Kelly), and Cornell. Senior business executives have also given great feedback, and people doing their first deal using it as a the M&A bible.  Click here to download the first chapter of the book.

How to succeed in a merger or acquisition

If your in a company that has been acquired or are merging with another company, this is the book for you.  Click here to buy it on Amazon or call us if you want 500 copies for your merger, one for each person.

Tips and advice on how to do well when going through a merger or acquisition.  As a follow-up to his popular book M&A Integration: How to do it, author Danny A.Davis given useful well thought through knowledge around the M&A process, what will happen and how to, personally, do well during the deal.  People often worry about their jobs, position, power budgets during M&A, this is a simple guide to doing well.

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How would my board want to track our M&A integration

June 2021

Misinformation and misunderstanding in M&A integration

June 2021

Day 1: the big question

June 2021

How do it track my M&A integration budgets?

July 2021

What types if M&A are there and what types of M&A integration go with them?

June 2021

Why do we need an M&A integration plan?

June 2021

Are you ready for M&A integration?

June 2021