M&A Integration Services

M&A Integration Services

Why do you need Integration help?

If you are thinking about buying another company, you will know your business and what you want to achieve with the acquisition, therefore, you will probably believe you do not need help.

You have quality systems and people, whether they have M&A experience or not you will expect them to identify all the potential issues of an integration, understand their importance and produce a comprehensive plan.

So why is it then that approximately 80% of mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver value.  Failure is not only expensive, but, can also impact on future growth (or even viability) and will certainly add significant stress to your systems and employees.

That is why you need Integration help.


Why should you get this help from DD Consulting?

We believe that DDC’s successful history of helping clients deliver real value from M&A activity is driven by the quality of our people, their industry and M&A experience, but, also by the way we help and support our client’s teams.

Over a number of years we have used our experience to develop integration methodologies, tools, checklist, and playbooks which help us maximise not only our value to you, but also, the value that your team can deliver.

We do not “flood” you with junior staff but look to develop and support you in delivering a successful outcome.


Are you ready for M&A?

Do you fully understand the ramifications of early decisions? What is your integration Strategy? Do you have the resources in house? What does Day 1 look like? Who will do what on Day 1 and do they know it? What inter-dependencies exist and who owns them? Do you have a communications plan?
How will you take control of the company? Do you understand all the synergies and how to deliver them? How will integration workstreams be resourced and governed? Can you see all the risks that will appear? How do you keep day to day operating effectively? Do you have agreement on integration approach for each department and division? Do you know who your good people are? Do all the 100 Day Plans work together and pull in the same direction?

Why DD Consulting?

DD Consulting specialises in M&A integration and carve-out. With corporate, big four and private equity backgrounds, our team has supported clients of all sectors, through some of the most iconic acquisitions of the last 20 years. We are passionate about planning, mobilising and delivering deals. We’re different because we work with you in smaller, agile, highly experienced teams and take the time to transfer our knowledge to improve your capability. Whatever the brief, DD Consultants bring with us:

  • M&A experience, key knowledge and skills learnt from numerous previous deals.
  • A library of tools, templates, check-lists and methods which have been refined over years of engagements. We will share these with you, but more importantly, we will teach you how best to apply them.
  • An outside and objective point of view, free from agenda, incentive or bias.
  • A history of delivering client engagements to the highest standards, on time and on budget.
  • We work in small teams together with you, not trying to sell more, not trying to spread out.
  • M&A it’s our bag, we don’t do anything else.

Our M&A Integration Deals