M&A Integration Course

M&A Integration Training Danny A.Davis 5Course Overview

1. M&A integration overview: The M&A process, synergies, people, pre-deal integration, entity integration. The different types of M&A and thus integration
2. Integration planning: How do we start the planning process, mobilise work streams and start the delivery?
3. Integration control: What do we need to track, control, understand during the integration? How will we know if we are on target to succeeded?
4. Integration process: Understand the level of people and process needed for integration. Structure the delivery.
5. Integration strategy: Where are we going? Where are we trying to get to? How long will it take to get there?
6. Synergy delivery: Its about delivering savings – delivering more for less. Understand the business changes that occur as integration delivery progresses.
7. HR: People, people, people! Plan the organisational structure, power, culture capability, pay and pension. The people will deliver the integration and the business. What will we do with them? How will they feel?
8. IT: Data is needed to run the integration, make decisions and run the business. How will we collect it? How do the people fit in?
9. Finance: The deal is about delivering the synergies, but also a new finance function, and improvement in efficiencies. We also discuss outsourcing.
10. Communications: We need to tell people internally and externally what is going on – poor communications will lead to disaster. What shall we tell them, why and when?
11. Capability: Do we have the resource and knowledge to deliver a good integration. What capability does the new business need.
12. Sales & Marketing: One half of integration is cost cutting, the other is revenue improvement / generation. Cross-selling, up-selling, new products, improved pricing.


Key Discussion points
How can you get the most value out of your deal? What are the stages of a successful integration? How do you achieve the announced synergies? How do you estimate the costs? When do you start planning the programme? Who needs to be involved in the integration, and when? What tools and techniques do we use for structuring integration planning, delivery and tracking? How should you balance the programme against business as usual? What lessons have we learnt about avoiding the pitfalls? How to we maintain morale? How can we restructure but keep talent? How do we ensure performance is not affected? What effect does culture have?

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