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M&A Coaching

When a company merger or acquisition has not performed well, poor project planning and management is often to blame. DD Consulting is uniquely positioned to help its clients through a deal, and support the overall integration process on M&A projects – through its bespoke coaching and executive support programmes.

Our coaching programmes are designed to enhance your in-house capability by delivering executive knowledge-sharing and skills transfer, especially on those projects where it may not be cost-effective to employ full-time consultancy support. Clients will have access to specialists who will share their industry knowledge, answer questions and provide guidance, and help to build understanding in the pitfalls of M&A and how to avoid them. M&A and integration coaching will help you assure your project plans, and set you on the path to integration success.

Our coaching is delivered by our pool of experts including :


Some examples


Recently we assisted a global pharma company with a small acquisition. Whilst the senior executive managing the deal had extensive planning and delivery experience, he had little experience in the basics of M&A, and was reticent to ask the ‘silly questions’ internally. DD Consulting delivered a programme of one hour coaching sessions in the months leading up to the deal, and also post deal – giving the senior executive an on-hand expert to answer questions and validate processes. Providing confidential specialist support, we helped the client complete their deal successfully, allowing this senior executive to use his new found M&A experience to move onto his next big role.


We also recently assisted a Head of M&A Integration whilst he laid down the post-merger integration process for a global Telco company. Whilst the M&A knowledge transfer was extremely useful for our client, more pressing was the need to negotiate the internal politics of the task, which quickly became essential to survival. Bespoke coaching in understanding how past deals and choices locked in, helped this Head of M&A Integration to spearhead his internal “best practice” of today, which was critical in moving both him and the project forward. With internal ‘minefields’ successfully negotiated, our client not only laid down his new integration methodology across the company, but also used this experience to move onwards and upwards in the organisation.



You are always giving examples from reality, which has helped understand my priorities better. This has really opened my eyes.” Integration Director, Global Telco.

You listened, you allowed me to talk. You helped me clarify my ideas and get to the good ones.” Integration Director, Global Telco.

You catch the essence, I like your paraphrasing and re-phrasing. You helped me organise my thoughts, and gave me knowledge. Having a second opinion on our deal was very useful.” Integration Director, Global Telco.

Given our conversation, I have reprioritised what I will spend my time on now. I will get a steering group set up on Monday.” Integration Director